I just came across this brilliant animation on choice, something I feel we get carried away with, to the extent that it becomes a cause of sub conscious stress for many.  The author sets out to explain this in terms of global change and capitalism.  Whilst these are all big ideas and well outside what we can control in our lives it is still a very well argued case.  I think I need to watch it again and think about it some more to understand the impact of pervasive choice on my own life and how it affects my stress levels, as it’s a complex subject.  However I do think It will be a subject that I come back to in future.

I got pointed to this via a tweet from Action for Happiness.  This is a brilliant site and well worth a visit, with lots of food for thought.  If you are struggling with stress and burnout happiness is often something that is not a frequent visitor.  Action for Happiness provides inspiration and support to try and put a smile back on your face at least some of the time.